Love Yourself First.

The only way to see results, is to truly love yourself.

love where you are in life

love your decisions

love the people in your life

love the accessibility to different and amazing food options (some people do not have choices)

love your body for what it is right now

love the fact that you have the ability to change who you are.

love the fact that every single person’s view of beauty, is different then another persons….

and you do not have to look like something different than you are right now.

if you do not feel this way, do something about it.

do it today. do not go on a diet. DO NOT DIET.that is not loving yourself. that is hating yourself and forcing your body to go into shock and be deprived.

As I’ve said before, do the Paleo Diet, or eat better.

Eat better in the means of adding variety and amazing flavors to your diet.

Eat vegetables, eat fruits, eat lean meats, eat whole grains.

Embrace cooking.

When you decide you don’t like what you look like, take a closer look at how you live your life. Sometimes we stuff our faces with bad food like McDonalds, Soda, Alcohol, Candy, Cigarettes, MORE FAST FOOD, packaged meal bars that are supposed to suffice an entire meal, lemon water diets, starvation diets, overworking our body with exercise that exhausts us and makes us hate exercise.

All you need to be healthy, is to eat food that adds benefit to your body and improves nutrition: go for a walk, go for a run, if you are social….go to a class at the gym where you will be surrounded by other motivating people. If it is nice outside go for a hike, play some golf, or walk the dogs.

I have always been avid about working out. There have been times in my life where i have found myself looking unhealthy. I have never been overweight but I have had times where I have not cared enough to work out. I would drink every weekend, sometimes even throughout the week and it shows. I have had times where I’ve worked out 3 hours everyday and ate well and got fit and skinny but nothing is better than who I am today.

Today I can wake up, work out if i have time, start every morning with a nutritious smoothie and eggwhite omelets. I can plan events like the Color Run, or hikes, or classes at the gym with friends, and make meals that I enjoy…and I am still completely content with myself in comparison to when I worked out 3 hours a day because I wanted to be skinny.Today I look at 3 hours a day and see that as a bit excessive. I am not making this blog to become a fitness model, or to compete in those fitness competitions (because i would lose all my lady parts if i got that in-shape), I am here to show you that fitness starts in the mind. You need to do things because your body needs it, and you want to be healthy in the long run. All those diets and diet pills and quick ways thin, as well as your bad eating habits, will only give you more health problems in the future. Don’t workout to be skinny, but work out to be healthy.

Working out is the best antidepressant. Be grateful for your body and treat it well.

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  1. A lot of very important aspects of life people tend to forget about. Or out of convenience we don’t exercise or eat the healthiest foods. But it’s all going to catch up one way or another. Why not enjoy life much more by taking care of our bodies?! Good post and hope to hear more!

    • Thanks for the reply:) its true though! Often we take advantage of our bodies and forget that at some point we will look back and wish we had treated it differently :)

  2. Very good take. I think what you’re advocating is sustainability in diet, exercise and lifestyle. A lot of people would do well to heed that advice.

    • Thank you for comment:) yes its all about just giving your body the fuel it needs, not what your mouth salivates for….because that will be everything!

  3. I recently heard a little tid-bit: “We can’t love you until you love yourself”. I don’t think we realize that others pick up on our negative view on ourselves and naturally it makes it harder to love someone when they in return do not love their self.

    p.s. did you see the 60 minutes report on sugar? I’m no doctor but I’m glad it confirmed a lot of what I’ve been researching.

    • I absolutely agree!!!! When you can’t even love yourself, how is anyone else supposed to love you? You should know the most about yourself and hold yourself higher but when u can’t even do that then how is anyone else supposed to know how.wonderful you are???:) anyway I didn’t see that bit on sugar! I will have to look into it

  4. healthylivingexpose said:

    LOVE that quote! very inspirational!

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