How to Get Great Abs!

This morning I woke up and took the picture above. I have been a fiend at the gym lately and I have been going to Zumba 4 times a week and the main muscle group you really feel working in Zumba is your abs. I leave to Arizona in a couple weeks and am happy that I wont have to be self-conscious or feel I should have worked out more, because I really have been. I have been so stressed this month with school as well as relationship issues. I can’t handle a lot of stress unless I am working out everyday. Being at the gym, or up in the mountains just keeps me in balance. So even though I am officially back to being single, I know I will be fine because I no longer have to carry the stress of that relationship as well as all the third party drama that came with that.

So upcoming events I have on the agenda this coming month is continuing my gym routine, going zip lining, and hopefully trying out a trapeze class I’ve wanted to try. I have a few Groupon’s for a bunch of kayaking and paddle boarding so id like to use those also.

Anyway back to my point of getting great abs, here are some of the things I do that have helped:

  1. Eat Breakfast- my day begins at 5am. I wake up everyday at that time so my body usually needs fuel right away. Eating gives you energy and there is no excuse to not eat breakfast. If you wait till lunch to eat, you are bound to feel drowsy or unmotivated afterward because your body has been going on so long with nothing.
  2. Do Cardio- As I have said so many times before. An all-over body sweat gives quick results. Even if you run, take a kickboxing class, or walk a stair climber…all these things help.
  3. Weight Train- adding weights burns more fat than cardio so it is good to add this to your week. I love weight training because I see instant results. There are many workouts that will target your abdominal muscles also. Besides all of this I do planks. I do planks every day for 5 times at 1-minute intervals. They work every part of the abdominal muscles and show results quickly. If you don’t want to use weights, Yoga and Pilates help a lot also.
  4. Don’t Drink too much- I always say this because it is true. It is liquid calories and liquid poison to the body. It will be tough to see results while drinking too much.
  5. Eat Small Dinners- Unless I’m out with friends getting dinner together, I don’t usually eat dinner. Or I have something very small. I eat all throughout the day so by dinnertime I am pretty full. But I feel this helps in getting your abs in shape.
  6. Be Happy- life is precious. Do not stress over how you look too much. Sure I created this blog for staying in shape and tracking progress, but I am not unhappy or wish I were anything different than who I am. I have goals and know that with effort, I can accomplish them. Never look at other people and compare. You are unique and amazing in your own way and negativity about your self-image will not encourage change and progress. KNOW you can meet your fitness goals if you do a little everyday. If you think negatively about yourself, it will slow down the process. I promise. Positivity is a gift.  Good luck!
  1. Good advice… I just got back from Phoenix from a short vacation. I have been out there several times before (in-laws) so I knew about the weather, but this time was way worse…take plenty of lotion… I felt like RANGO in the desert. Also, wear a hat, I got burned THROUGH MY VERY THICK HAIR playing golf one day. ;) Hope you have a blast!!

    • OH MY!!!!!! that sounds intense!!! haha i know i heard it was like 114 the other day or something! i will make sure to bring a ton of lotion thanks for all the advise! ahh i can’t wait

  2. Your abs are amazing, you have a great bod – I hope to be there soon :-)

    • thank you so much for your comment!!! you will get to your goal!

      • Thank you for the follow! You’ve inspired me! I will let you know when I get there :-)

      • sounds great!

  3. Marita said:

    great tips! i too start my day pretty early & it’s so true about making sure to eat breakfast. thanks :)

    • thanks for the comment!!! today i have the day off and I’m still in bed and its 10am where i am. I’m being lazy and now I’m hungry!

      • Marita said:

        ahh jealous! enjoy :)

  4. I hope you have a great time in Arizona… Looks like you’ve worked hard to get where you are. Good for you

    • thank you very much!!! i cannot wait! its down pouring here in washington this very moment….its going to be nice to get away!

  5. Great job! Glad that you mentioned diet. Diet is the most important aspect of getting those sexy summer abs.

    • this is true!!!

  6. awesome results…nice to see you’re still kicking @$$! the gym is my release…my escape from reality. not only is it hard for my body to wake up and get going on the days I skip; I’ve been told I can be a bit cranky…

    • i am the same way! the gym is my stress-relief and makes me so happy. without it id be crazy lol.

  7. I think my favorite tip is the last one about being happy! When we are too stressed out our cortisol hormone levels go up, which makes us store more belly fat. Keep working hard!

    • this is true! and a lot of people do not realize this!!! thats why they say belly fat is linked to depression! anyway thanks for yo comment and visit to my site:):)

  8. Interesting comment about eating very small dinners – I’m trying to shift my eating patterns, by eating like a King in the morning and a beggar at night. It’s hard though – so not used to it!!

    • hahaha its the way to be my friend! everything will get easier after time. i know a lot of people who even refuse to eat in the morning! saying they can’t and i don’t understand that concept lol.

  9. cannon_lab said:

    Well done on all the hard work, great advice too!

    • Thank you!! And thank you for stopping by my blog!

  10. I like this, Tiare! You nailed it with using exercise, nutrition and sleep to manage the daily stressors we all experience. So much healthier than hitting a pub or scarfing down “comfort” foods.

    Great post, and keep up the good work!

  11. HI there, Tiare! Love the blog! (Thanks for liking my blog too–the Date Night Club one!) I will be turning (ha ha) 52 in a week and just wanted to share that I think that you are right on target! I have been some shape or form of a vegetarian since I was 16!! I go to the gym at least 5 times a week for 2 hours. Yes, I do lots of planks too. In fact, one of my favorite classes is a 30 minute core class. I also ride mountain bikes including some of the crazy technical stuff. I never thought that I could possibly be in the sort of shape that I am now at the age of 52–much less keep up with many of the 20 year olds that I work out with. Exercise and good eating is magical! It feeds not only the body but the mind and the soul! Enjoy the journey!

    • you are turning 52!?!?! omg you look AMAZING! yes and planks are the best bet for working every part of my abs! and thats great you work out so much it surely pays off!

  12. :) ABS are very sexy….get em, get em, get em…:)

  13. cioccolatoscuro said:

    Thanks for liking “Swinging Saturday”. Stay tuned!

  14. Wellness Coach Chris said:

    Reblogged this on Wellness Coach Chris and commented:
    Sage advice from a woman who has the results to back it up!

  15. André said:

    Nice tone there Tiare!!! You are spot on about eating clean, because even the best training cannot overcome a lousy diet. I am going to do a short series on core training soon… not only because abs are sexy, but also since the core is the foundation for all energy transfer through the body. Unfortunately… I have yet to Zumba.

    • thank you for your comment!! yes my new goal is to work on my diet and eat completely clean/paleo. it will be a struggle because i am in love with so many bad foods, but I’m ready for change!

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