Master Class with Rachel Brathen aka yoga_girl


On Wednesday I had the opportunity to take a fundamentals workshop from Rachel Brathen also known as “yoga_girl” from Instagram! It amazes me how much social media can change a persons entire life. Rachel is an incredibly sweet, down to earth person and from the moment she walked in the doors she gave me a huge smile and said hi. The energy in the studio was incredible. Everyone was so happy all packed together about an inch or two apart from each others mats. 

She started off talking a little about herself and that yoga is not just about getting upside down and doing handstands although it is fun, a lot of yoga is getting down to the fundamentals or creating a good foundation, much like life we all need a solid foundation. Without it, it’s impossible to build a strong practice…a strong life.

So class went on, we did a lot of breakdowns of poses that we often rush through, and we did a lot of partner assisting and happily, she made handstands a lot more simple. 

I got to practice next to two amazing yogis from my studio and I also met a lot of new people. Another person who was there was Stella, my lovely friend from Baptiste level 1 and that was a treat in itself.







So. Here we are. Back to basics. Creating the foundation of our life…what does that look like? What do we fill our days with? Who do we fill our days with? What kinds of food, how much sleep, and what hobbies do we attend? Are we consumed with work? Are we in a healthy relationship and have a family we value?

We must get back to the basics. Only when we build a strong foundation can we build upon that a strong and healthy life.

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  1. I can see the smiles though your post. My try at yoga showed me it did NOT like me, but many of my firends feel the same about cycling. This is the happiest and most energy post I have seen from you in a long time and that makes me very happy. Good job lady!

    • It’s hard because at first, our bodies aren’t really used to the new movement in our bodies and for yoga it’s the same, but in time everything gets easier:) and thank you I’ve been a lo more happy and positive lately!

      • I am glad, you are honestly exude positive energy, and that is not common!

        For me, yoga made me feel car sick….

  2. dorseyml said:

    wow! you are so lucky to have had the opportunity to take one of her classes. I hope she comes to the DC area so I can take a class with her. I also wanted to tell you… YOU look Amazing! I have been following your blog/instagram over the last year and I have never seen you looking so fit/lean. Keep up the awesome work.

    • Awwwww you are so sweet thank you!!!!! I really appreciate it! And yes having that class from her was amazing!!!

  3. That’s awesome, love her!

    • Me too! She’s amazing!!!

  4. Keep it up!!!

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