officially twenty seven.


I’m back I’m back!!! Feels like it’s been so long! I have had a broken computer forever…I have updated a few times from my cell and iPad but nothing compares to writing on my laptop. Sometimes over the last couple weeks, I would be daydreaming about what I wanted to write about and then when I thought about it more…the thought of doing it all via phone sounded too exhausting…my thoughts move much too fast for my measly phone. Anyway I finally got off my ass and took my Mac to the Apple store and found out it was a lot easier to fix than expected…go figure.

Anyway! A lot has happened since last time I updated!  Last month I had seen Rachel Brathen for the master class and it was amazingggg. Since then I have really worked on my arm balances. I also signed up for Bryan Kest’s master class for the 18th of this month! I can’t wait to see him again, I saw him a year ago and he is fantastic!


Things that have happened since:

  • I turned 27!…Holy crap.
  • I turned 6 months sober.
  • I hiked.
  • I yogaaad.
  • I ran.


Let’s start with my birthday. I am officially 27…When I was a little girl, I imagined that by the age of twenty-seven, I would be married with a child, living in a house that I owned and working a 9-5 job. My life is quite the opposite and I’m learning to accept it. I officially gave up trying to control everything this year. I can’t control you, I can’t control the future, I can’t control anything other than my actions…I have my side of the street to clean and that is what I’ve committed to this year. A year of bettering one’s self to the point of beaming happiness…a commitment that allows me to be completely present and content with this moment…right here right now. No one else EVER truly cares what you do and where you are in your life. Most people are always so focused on themselves that if we actually spend time trying to be someone or do certain things just to seem impressive, just to seem “normal”….well we are setting ourselves up for failure. I have come a long way since 26 and I wouldn’t change it in any way.

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So what did I do for my birthday? Well I went to a drag show with my best girlfriends of course! Haha I have never seen a drag show and its been on my bucket list! It was heaps of fun and all COMPLETELY SOBER:)



Thats brings me to my sobriety…woohoo I made it 6 months! It actually went by really fast. It’s amazing how happy I have been since I quit. Well it was really hard at first with the transition and the whole idea of “having to actually feel everything” but once you get past your fears and your ego…there is this space. A space of freedom…and that is where I am right now. I am at a place where I have the ability to be happy in every form because I let go of holding on to the one thing holding me back…and that was my alcohol problem…Anyway it feels great and I feel a lot more healthy!


Another thing I’ve done since my last post is hike of course…heres a picture of me at Poo Poo Point! I’m coming back here sometime soon to go paragliding! 



Here are a couple pictures from my yoga lately:

first attempt at headstand with lotus variation

first attempt at headstand with lotus variation

Brian and my first attempt at acro yoga!

Brian and my first attempt at acro yoga!



day of the superbowl....our hawks killed it!

day of the superbowl….our hawks killed it!

And some excellent shots from my runs:


7 mile run along the waterfront in Seattle

7 mile run along the waterfront in Seattle

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  1. 27? Wow! From your pics I honestly thought you were 21 or 22. Happy birthday, have 1/2 year soberversary! I knew you could do it! And shoot, I one thought I’d be old decrepit and almost dead at 30. And here I am ready to ride my bike 200 miles in one day in July and I hit 50 this year.

    Great work and damn proud of you lady!

    • thank you and thank you!!!! I know i cant believe im 27 either! It just flew by….and most people say i look about 20-22 also lol. I guess its a good thing! thats really exciting about your biking in july! is that the one that goes to portland??? and yay 50!

      • Yep the Seattle to Portland, it’s my third time and 2nd going in one day. And go hawks! I will be down at the parade tomorrow cheering them on!

      • i will be there too!! woohoooo what an amazingggg game

      • Loved every second of it! And if you see a huge 12th man banner flying over head, it was done by my company and my name as well as my whole families is on it (with 15000 other people of course! ). Now I can’t wait for next season!

  2. Breathtaking

    • thank you:)

  3. Belinda said:

    Welcome, welcome, welcome and the best wishes for continued success in your path to individual strength & clarity :)

    • Thank you so much!!!!

  4. Hi Tiare, congrats on turning 27 I hope you had a wonderful birthday party and super congrats on 6 months sober. May all the best come to you.

    • Thank you so much!!!

  5. Congrats on everything and happy birthday!

    • Thank you!!😁

  6. Sophie said:

    Congratulations on the birthday and the milestone — I turned 1 on last Friday — looking forward to seeing/reading about your progress now that you’re back on a computer

    • Happy birthday to you as well! 1 year is huge!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Tiare! You seem to have your mind set on a positive road and congratulations on your 6 months sobriety. I know it’s a tough road but you come across with so much conviction, desire and spiritual awareness that I know it will be easy for you. Keep smiling and make it happen!

    • Ahhh thank you so much I appreciate it! It feels amazing

  8. Crazy awesome yoga pics. You have given me something to work up to.

    • Thank you!!!! Oh you will get there quick!

  9. completely behind on your blog :( Where do I start lol…. Happy belated birthday and congrats on your 6 month milestone! LIfe never goes according to plan, it would be kind of boring if it did! I’ve only “known” you for a short time, but I’ve already seen you grown, change and develop into some really awesome!

    Anyhoo, I’m doing being all sappy, get your butt out there and run some miles :P

    • Awwwww you are so sweet Christian!!!! It crazy that I have only ‘known’ you for a short period of time yet I feel it’s been a long time! I always appreciate your motivating kind words and so excited you started a blog!

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