From Fitness Blog to NOW: tiny trail mermaid


I did it! I did it!
I changed my name….hahaha something I’ve been contemplating all year! It feels so right…it makes me want to update all the time because I feel that my little blogging identity has been rejuvenated to a more authentic feeeeeel, if ya feel me?

SO here I am. No longer because if you have been following my blog for the last couple years, well I don’t give a rats ass about trying to appease anyone with specific fitness needs. I may lose a lot of followers but in the big scheme of things, I have found MYSELF.


feels refreshing.
I’m going to kill you all with my horrible grammar and spelling typos because my shitty Mac lost my normal Word Doc program but I no longer care! I will update you more via mountain adventures and through my little struggles I am soon facing in my near future…

So here I am….tiny trail mermaid. It may be a little ehhhh….but it fits better. I am 5’3 and petite((hence tiny))….I am from Hawaii and grew up there for the first 12 years of my life. ((hence the mermaid part)). I moved here to Washington when I was 12 and lately, as you can see, I have been throwing myself into adventure in the GREAT PNW. I love it here and always have but this year has brought new meaning to my life. I have truly found who I really am and most of this was through being a year sober as of this month, finding true passion in my yoga practice, and finding myself….especially in the mountains. I love to trail run and hike and recently started camping on those long treks.

I’m not going to go into detail about my life because it is still the same life I have been living. The only difference is a name…I didn’t want to be a fitness blog. This is just a blog about my life and the adventures I take, and the little things I do day in and day out to become a better person.
This is a New year. A WHOLE YEAR SOBER.
Change is surely happening and I want to make sure I can write about it without making this just about fitness.

  1. Ha, when I first read it I thought it said; tinytrailermaid..That got my attention.. I was thinking a maid’s trailer park tales but then I realized ‘that you usually don’t find maids in a trailer park. lol. Good luck with the new venture..

    • ahhahahahaha i love that! tiny trailer maid…..awww the stories that could be made from a blog named that. thats funny thank you

      • You are welcome, and again good luck with the new direction.

  2. I love the new name and love following your adventures. So happy for you!

    • thank you dear!!!! feels great to start fresh!

  3. Nelson said:

    Way to go! Congratulations on your sobriety anniversary. I love the new blog name and outlook on life.

    • eek thank you so much!!

  4. Teri said:

    Where was that second picture (the one with stairs ending at water) taken? I must visit that place!

    Oh and Congrats on the name change!

    • thank you!!! okay have you been to discovery park in magnolia?? well there is the beach that goes down to the lighthouse and if you go around the lighthouse to the other beach/trail the trail connects along the water to the next beach and right smack in the middle are these stairs that go down to the water:)

      • Teri said:

        Thanks! I’ve always wanted to walk on my hands down a flight of stairs into water. This looks like the perfect place to try that! I’m going to check it out when the weather is nice this weekend. :)

  5. Cindy said:

    Lovely photos that clearly match your new lifestyle. It is great that you are becoming aware that you are more than your fitness goals!

  6. Michael Adams said:

    Coming from a copy editor, I’ll bite my tongue on your grammar and spelling errors. LOL I’ve always liked reading your blog. It’s always very interesting and well done! :)

    • Thank you!!!! oh and yeah just get over my spelling/grammar ishhhhh I don’t think too hard when I write my blog entries haha

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